Advantages of Print Advertising in the Digital Age

Jul 21st 2022

When someone decides to start advertising in today’s digital world, their first instinct is usually to head to Facebook or Instagram. Technology has no doubt transformed the advertising world, but that doesn’t mean that print is dead. Quite the opposite actually, as the benefits of print advertising remain numerous for any business wanting to stand out in today’s largely-digital landscape. With a well-thought out promotional strategy, a mixture of digital and print advertisements can help you to effectively market your business in 2022 and beyond.

Read on to explore the top advantages of print advertising in today’s digital age, and learn how you can take advantage of this medium to advertise your own business.


Recall Benefits

One of the top advantages of print advertising is that print fosters a stronger emotional connection with potential customers than digital does. In a study conducted for the USPS, researchers from Temple University found that print marketing activates more sections of a consumer’s brain than digital marketing does. Print materials can easily convey a vivid image and highlight attributes like texture, colors, and font.

The fact that people typically allot more time to reading print ads than online ads is another one of the top benefits of print advertising. Print offers fewer distractions than the online world does, as online consumers can switch through various websites at one time. They are therefore more likely to fully read a print ad and engage with it compared with an online one.

As a general rule of thumb, people place a greater value on services and products that they have viewed in print media in their subconscious. This ultimately increases your chances of converting people to buyers.

colorful advertising on the street

Competition Benefits

Another significant advantage of print advertising is that print generally comes with less competition in today’s online-driven world. Because many companies depend solely on digital resources to advertise themselves, your print advertising is more likely to stand out and have an impact on prospective customers, influencing them to buy.

Customer Targeting Benefits

Print media is excellent for targeting specific customer bases. For instance, you can place a print ad in a publication that members of your target demographic often purchase. Likewise, you may strategically place a banner in an area that these individuals frequent.

These are far more effective approaches than sending out random social media posts and email blasts. In the end, you can give your prospects more possible touchpoints with your unique brand of print advertising and therefore potentially generate more sales - what a benefit!

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Reputation Benefits

It goes without saying that many online users are skeptical of false or misleading online advertisements. A great advantage of print advertising is that it never uses pop-ups like digital ads do, making print ads less invasive and more credible to prospective customers. As a result, many individuals view print advertising as more trustworthy.

Information Benefits

Print advertising is also great for relaying a large amount of information in one place. Online advertisements are often very small, so consumers have to click on them to access the information you are attempting to deliver to them. However, a benefit of print advertising is that print media can be large; take, for instance, an eight-foot tension fabric display. Using something like that, with a very large surface area, you can make a serious impression on potential customers or clients. Digital ad space is always limited to the confines of a screen, and is hotly contested. It’s important to remember that print advertising doesn’t have those same limitations.

Extra Advertising Benefits

Of course, it also bears mentioning that print and digital ads can work together. If you’re already using digital advertising, the fact that print media provides another convenient space to promote your business is one of the biggest advantages of print advertising.

Digital advertising has many benefits, including targeting, customization, and accessibility. However, print offers its own strengths, and works well for people who are not digitally savvy. In light of print media’s unique strengths, it would behoove you to capitalize on print ads while also employing digital advertising. You don’t have to choose just one solution; allow them to complement one another for the best rates of customer conversion.

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